Pre-trained Ultra-Vision Edge AI Accelerators

Edgeble AI Accelerators deliver high-performance deep learning inferences at the edge, reducing latency and enhancing response times with ultra vision computing

Mission on deploying High Performace AI Accelerators

Our mission is to deploy high-performance, neurally fast AI Accelerators using state-of-the-art Pre-trained AI Accelerator Platform for Edge AIoT-enabled solutions in consumer, industrial, and automotive markets.

Redefining AI Acceleration

AI/ML Accelerators play a vital role in the parallel computation of machine learning algorithms however deploying them at the edge requires a reliable and fast set of challenging computing designs with integrated software tools.

Edgeble has engineered an OpenAIA platform stack that will accelerate the time-to-market for a world of companies that are producing high-grade Edge AI-enabled solutions. The architecture was designed with scale-ready Neurally-accelerated computing modules with pre-trained open software inference deployment models.

AI Accelerators

Performace-driven standardized AI Accelerator modules with built-in Neural Engines that are ready to deploy in any AIoT sector.

Neurally Fast

Up to 32TOPS graded with Consumer, Industrial and Automotive

Ultra Vision

4K, 8K with optimized GPU-driven Image Signal Processing(ISP)

Pre-trained Inferences

State-of-the-art pre-trained model conversion delivers a single API to develop AI applications.

1 API Model Conversion

Model management includes conversion, training and validation

Reduce training time

Customers can pick models from a poll of pre-trained models library

OpenAIA Ecosystem

A Comprehensive Pre-trained AI Accelerator Platform deliver AI Accelerators with one platform looped on end-to-end devops.

1 Platform

Set of Open Source tools integrated into a single platform

3x Faster

Engineering time reduced by ~55% with no license vulnerabilities

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